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Choosing the right home care agency/caregiver for your loved one can be a challenge, and is one of the most critical decisions you will make for your loved one and yourself. The daily stresses of caring for a person with special needs can be extremely overwhelming. 


The emotional and physical demands that arise on any given day or time, make it difficult for family members to provide the consistent, quality care needed, such as:  

  • scheduling follow up appointments and/or medical treatments

  • providing transportation to and from medical visits

  • preparing medication and monitoring compliance

  • shopping and preparing healthy meals and snacks

  • offering companionship and mental stimulation

  • maintaining a clean and healthy living environment

  • responding quickly to emergencies

All of these and more, while simple as individual tasks, can be extremely overwhelming for family members; especially when they have spouses, children and in most cases a career to juggle as well. 


Before you make your choice for home care, be sure to review all necessary licensing and credentials.  We also suggest you consider the following questions with respect to the individual you will be working with:

  1. Is the agency able to provide the necessary qualifications and/or certification for each caregiver?

  2. What is the agency's policy with respect to the reliability and timeliness of their caregivers?

  3. What is the Agency's emergency protocol?  Are emergency situations practiced with the caregivers to ensure a calm and efficient response?

  4. Is the agency able to provide qualified "on-call" support when needed?  If so, what is the standard wait time?

  5. How does the Agency and the Caregiver communicate with the family and what type of information is documented on a regular basis?

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